What is a deer feeder?

Deer Feeders are containers that are able to hold and dispense food like corn to hungry deer. They also prove to be an excellent way to bring heavy deer traffic in a scarcely populated area. By constantly knowing the location for free food, a deer will generously help himself multiple times per day to your deer feeder. And fortunately with an automatic deer feeder, you can let it feed deer by itself without disturbing them for weeks or months at a time, effectively creating an undisturbed area flourishing with deer.

Why deer feeders are a valuable hunting tool

Only allowed in certain states with strict rules, baiting for game has become a very popular way of attracting deer which can quickly populate vacant areas. When used properly, deer feeders can dispense feed of your choice manually or automatically.

Manual Deer Feeder

One mistake that many novice hunters continue to make is using deer feeders that are what I consider “manual” or essentially a barebones deer feeder without the fancy varmint protection or digital timers. Usually, manual feeders cause problems just because the lack of control you have. Just putting, corn for example, into a manual feeder will feed deer but might be cut abruptly due to the fact that the feed is exposed to the elements and other creatures of the night like raccoons, hogs or bears. However that doesn’t mean manual feeders are useless, they are very efficient when scouting for new areas because you can trek far into the woods with a lightweight feeder (usually around 10-15lbs) and place many of them in different areas. The reason why I say many of them too is because they are quite inexpensive and it makes great sense when used for reconnaissance.

But because of all the potential problems with an exposed hopper, it’s pretty clear why automatic deer feeders are considered to be superior in almost every way, except the weight contest. That’s why automatic deer feeders are usually the go to in today’s hunting scene. There is usually a better hopper for feed than manual feeders that is not open to the elements, like rain. This hopper is usually a secure barrel or bucket of some sort that feeds deer feed directly into a motor that can dispense feed which is powered by a 6V battery. The wonderful thing with automatic deer feeders is the fact that you can set them to disperse deer feed throughout your area of choice multiple times a day and for many seconds at a time you’d like each feeding session to be. Peace of mind is one thing that will definitely be gained upon your first use of an automatic deer feeder because they are extremely efficient and secure from not only the elements, but some automatic feeders have varmint proof dispensers. You also don’t have to constantly check on automatic deer feeders as you are only limited by your deer feeders feed capacity and trust me when I say, some brands of deer feeders can hold a lot. Your more affordable deer feeders can usually hold around 30 gallons of feed but some of the top tier elite deer feeders can hold an excess of 150lbs of deer feed! That means they can be let unmanned for a long period of time in a secluded area and quickly have that area gain popularity with deer. Leaving an automatic deer feeder and coming back when hunting season starts is one of the best kept secrets to a prosperous season.

Ending Thoughts

Hopefully you learned a thing or two about deer feeders today and why many hunters consider them to be a gem and an extremely useful tool for hunting. Do keep in mind to check with your state laws and regulations before baiting for game, as it could be very illegal. Use your newfound deer feeder skills correctly and you could be snagging the buck of your dreams!


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