The Best Salt Licks and Mineral Salt for Deer, Goats, Horses and Cattle

What is a Salt lick?

(also known as Salt Block/Mineral Lick/Mineral Salt/Mineral block)

A salt lick or whichever name you prefer to refer to it as is typically a large salt block attached to a rope that you can either hang around your farm for your animals or out in the woods to attract deer and more. It can have many different variations and can come in many different sizes. They can be used to attract deer in the wild and many have said that when a deer finally finds a salt block, they can’t stay away.

Why is a salt block used to attract animals?

A salt block is essential in trying to attract game like deer to a location. The great thing about mineral lick or salt licks is that because salt is a mineral, there is high quantities of essential minerals like calcium, sodium, chloride, magnesium and potassium. Due to this, young and old deer find them heavily attracted to salt licks for their sustaining qualities. These minerals that are contained within the mineral block aid tremendously in promoting strong bone growth and muscular strength development. Because of this, it is essential in some animal’s diets.

Where can you buy salt licks for deer, cattle, horse or goats you ask?

A salt lick/salt block/mineral lick/mineral salt/mineral block or whatever you know it by is much easier to buy than to figure out which is the proper name to use. Fortunately in our day and age, we have access to all this information at our fingertips while being able to order directly to our door step. The only thing that you have to know to go about having the best experience is what sort of animal or game you will be looking to supplement. In the next section, I will go over what I think is the best salt lick for some animals. Remember, buying a salt lick is easy and should never be complicated. Here are some options.

Best Deer Salt Licks

Right off the bat, I’ll start with the best choice of salt licks for deer. You have quite a few options to choose from when it comes to deer, however if you have no personal preference I can provide a suggestion below.

12 Lb Trophy Rock


Trophy Rock is an exceptional purchase in my opinion due to the fact that it was meant to last in the field. Not to mention it was also mined in the USA so you know what you are feeding the deer is quality. Most importantly, this salt rock contains over 65 beneficial minerals to aid with bone growth and muscular development. Finally and not to be looked over, the Trophy Rock is not a salt lick that is made to stand out. It is made to be able to be tossed right into a forest environment and blend in instantly which is a huge benefit to those who are trying to keep their salt licks look as natural as possible.

Best Cattle/Cows and Horse Salt Licks

Next up, cattle and horse come to mind. Now since cattle and horse are typically much bigger than deer, you will most likely need a much bigger mineral salt block. Luckily as I said earlier, salt licks come in many variations. One of my favorite picks is below.

10 Lb Indusclassic Himalayan Animal Pink Salt Lick

Since cattle and horse are bigger and need more minerals to supplement safe and healthy growth, a salt lick may last a lot shorter when they are going at it constantly. The nice thing with the 10lb Salt Lick listed above is that it will last you for a bit longer than your usual mineral salt. More specifically, it lasts around 5-6 times longer than your average pressed salt licks making this a true number one contender for this category. Also, if you opt for wanting a smaller salt lick first, they also offer a 6lb salt lick here.

Best Goat Salt Lick

Finally, we arrive at our finale, goat mineral licks. The nice thing about goat is that since they are a smaller sized animal, they remain simple and can be completely fine feeding away on a deer sized salt lick making it a simple purchase. The extensive minerals in salt licks once again do wonders for growth and development of animals. Listed below is a more than adequate salt lick capable of supplementing a goat.

Nomad Co. 4Lb Himalayan Salt Lick

Closing Out

Wrapping up, we just about covered your average farm going animal that can benefit from using salt licks or mineral rocks. If you are teetering on the edge of investing in a salt rock to supplement or attract game, know that it is a very worthy purchase. It’s benefits to a deer, cattle, horse or goat are tremendous and can absolutely help with the longevity of the animal.

Other than that, I hope I was able to shed some light on your available options and give you a clearer idea of what salt lick is right for you. If you have any questions, comments or thought provoking discussion, please drop a comment below!

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