Best Deer Feeders of 2017 & 2018

Deer feeders are an extremely useful tool for hunters or those simply trying to observe deer. When used correctly, deer feeders can successfully bring tons of traffic from deer throughout your selected hunting grounds where you planted your feeder. When it comes to the feeders, you have many options and some serve different purposes. If you are a more set and forget type of guy/gal, then you can go ahead and choose from our selection of automatic feeders that can be self-sufficient for weeks at a time; but maybe you just want to keep small creatures out of your feeder, then you’d be looking for a raccoon proof deer feeder. Not saying it’s complicated but if it is your first time choosing a deer feeder in 2018, you have come to the right place. Here at Wildlife Feeders, we go explicitly in depth to help you choose the best deer feeders when it comes to your goals.

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ProductBest Of - CategoryTimed feeds?Feed CapacityVarmint Proof?Pricing 
Moultire's 30 gallon Easy Fill Feeder with Quick-Lock HopperAutomatic FeederYes30 GallonsYes, bears are a toss up though.$$$
Redneck T PostGravity Deer FeederNo80lbsNo, not at all.$$
Moultrie Hanging Deer FeederHanging FeederYes6.5 GallonsTo an extent, clever raccoons can pop the top off$$
250Lb Capsule Game FeederBear Proof Deer Feeder
Hog Proof Deer Feeder
Yes250lbsVery varmint proof$$$$$
Trough Feeder by ZenatureTrough Deer FeederNoCapacity not listedNo, not at all.$

Best Automatic Deer Feeders for sale

Automatic game feeders are one of the most popular deer feeders on the market right now. Mainly because of their ease of use and the ability to confidently “set and forget” so your feed will be dispensed routinely in a timely manner. As of right now, Moultrie has been pumping out some of the highest quality feeders on the market, which I will promptly go over now.


Moultrie 30 Gallon Easy Filler

The first automatic deer feeder listed is Moultire’s 30 gallon Easy Fill Feeder with Quick-Lock Hopper and there is good reason for that. Commonly regarded to as one of the easiest to assemble feeders, you can guarantee that you will waste no more than 5-10 minutes on an assembly which requires absolutely no tools.

Don’t be confused by the picture either, this item weighs just less than 30 lbs. which is ideal for getting it into a nice secluded area of your choice without putting unnecessary strain or hassle on your back. When you do setup your feeder in your chosen area, the beautiful thing is the 30-gallon drum that houses your deer feed (internal link) can hold up to around 200lbs of feed. Yes, 200lbs. and combined with the control box that controls feeding times which can be scheduled for 1-20 second periods of feeding at a time and up to 6 times per day; this can be a very lucrative way to setup an area where you do not need to check every few days, thus producing an un-trafficked zone that flourishes with deer. But what happens if it rains on the control box? Nothing, nothing happens because the control box is a weather proof box made specifically to handle the elements and house the digital components that make the feeder work. However, while this control box provides a built in battery level monitor, I should note that it does operate on one 6-volt battery that is not included in your purchase. While I doubt that is a deal breaker, it might be a hassle for some.

  • Automatic Feeder
  • 30 Gallon Hopper
  • Perfect Entry Level Automatic Deer Feeder
  • Scheduled Feed Times
  • Optional Solar Panel Power

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That brings me to my next set of points, the accessories. One great feature about this deer feeder is that it has all the customizable features you would find on an elite feeder but lacks the intimidating price.


Moultrie 6 Volt Solar Panel

One must have accessory for this deer feeder is the Moultrie 6 Volt Deluxe Solar Panel that fits easily on this feeder which eliminates the need for batteries, which in my opinion is totally worth it because batteries are definitely not cheap. With the purchase of the Moultrie 6 volt solar panel charger, you will easily save money in the long run, as you go from replacing many batteries a year to none.

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Camera Moultrie Products MCG-12634 10MP M990I Digital Camera


Known as one of the most standard and popular cameras fitting the above deer feeder, you really can’t go wrong with the listed specifications.

  • 10 Megapixels
  • No visible flash
  • Flash range of ~70 ft
  • Detection range of ~50ft
  • Less than one second trigger speed

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I have listed the 2014 version instead of the 2015 camera because quite frankly, I don’t see it necessary to spend justification of the price jump to the 2015 version. However, if you like your technology brand spanking new here is a link to one of their newer editions, Moultrie P-150i Game Camera.


Gravity Deer Feeders for sale (Ideal for Raccoon proofing)

Also known as gravity flow deer feeders, these feeders are meant to be very simplistic yet very effective at the same time. Boasting an 80lb corn feed capacity, this gravity deer feeder is quite large and durable as it is made from polyethylene. It also fits quite easily on to a standard T post or a tree trunk. One major benefit of using the above deer feeder is that it is very likely to be raccoon proof due to its adjustable height of 34-60 inches and thin T post. Everyone knows that if a raccoon gains access to the feeder, its game over because that raccoon will call his pals up, they’ll have a buffet and gone will be all your feed. What also makes this nice is that it is very lightweight, around 10lbs in fact, so getting it to your hunting grounds is no problem.

  • Very Simple
  • Very Affordable
  • T Post limits Vermin access to feeder
  • Adjustable Height

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Bear and Hog Proof Deer Feeders

A bit pricey but the cream of the crop, this beauty does about it all. Not as lightweight (130lbs empty) as some of the other options, this deer feeder is meant to be a haven from unwanted feeders. If the size of this hog proof feeder and the tire on the bottom wasn’t a good indicator, this is meant mainly deter larger animals like hogs, bears and cattle but works just fine if you need a coon proofing feeder too. Speaking of the tire, this 250lb Capsule Game Feeder fits nicely into any 22 to 24.5 inch scrap 18 wheeler tire where you can generally find, just about anywhere.

One unique design feature of this deer feeder is that it contains a patented auger driven elevator that brings feed to the dispenser at the top, so climbing ladders or using winches that easily fail is not needed. Powered by a 12v motor connected to a solar panel, this will have no problem going through its capacity of 250 lbs. All in all, a great purchase only weighed down by its steep yet warranted price.

  • The Most Vermin Proof Feeder
  • Bear and Hog Proof
  • Extremely Sturdy and Durable
  • Huge Feed Capacity
  • Solar Panel powering Motor

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Hanging Deer Feeders

Hanging deer feeders are a staple for any casual hunter that would like to prime an area for deer. Easily deployed just about anywhere in the woods, this lightweight feeder is carried around effortlessly but is still effective enough to hold 6.5 gallons of feed. You get quality and affordability in the same package with some really great features. Just like the first standing automatic feeder, you can schedule up to 6 different feeding times a day through the digital timer which takes 4 D batteries, usually lasting around 8-10 months. Alternatively, you can avoid that with the purchase of a Moultrie 6-Volt rechargeable battery and Moultrie 6-Volt Solar Panel.

  • Out of Reach for many Varmint
  • Scheduled Feeding Times
  • Solar Panel can be used with Rechargeable Battery

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Trough Deer Feeder

Going even further on the traditional scale, this is about as simple as it gets. This deer feeder does what it is meant to do, and that is to feed deer. No other precautions are taken to prevent deer feed getting into the wrong hands, or paws (looking at you raccoons). It is very affordable and beautifully simplistic; a perfect trough for your backyard..

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Winch Up Deer Feeders/Wild Game Deer Feeder


Lastly and certainly not least, winch up deer feeders are still used but not as often as automatic feeders. If you are more of a traditional by the books type of hunter, this may interest you. Needing to be attached to a pole or tree 6-20” in diameter, this is often used to hang a deer feeder like the one listed previously and it also doubles as a winch to hoist caught game up on a gambrel.

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The only downside to this product is that a gambrel is NOT included, so prepare to have or purchase your own.


Gambrel for Deer Feeder


In case you needed a gambrel, Amazon has the best deals on them. Rated for 600lbs, this all steel gambrel gets the job done. It’s 20 inches wide, very strong and well made. I wish I had more to say about it but I mean it’s a gambrel!

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Coming to a conclusion

I hope I have given you some insight in the process of picking the best deer feeders on the market in 2017, 2018 and beyond. Right now, the trend is leaning more and more to automated deer feeders and for good reasons why. Their ease of use is as good as it gets, large capacity managed by digital systems and most having some sort of coon proofing. But as far as my advice goes, the final decision is made by you. Whatever you think you can carry around, get comfortable with in the field and provide the least bit of hassle for you. After all, deer feeders are meant to make your life a tad bit easier, not the other way around. Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoyed the list.

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